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This handy guide is the product of my training in natural medicine plus years of perfecting the Diabetes Reversal Recipe at my Wellness Center in Austin, Texas.

There’s no fluff or technical jargon to wade through. Just practical, real-world help. This means you get to the “good stuff” you can use today.

So now you can lower your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes… in the fastest, easiest, and tastiest way possible!

You won’t have to tear out your hair counting calories or deciphering complex plans, like with the “low-glycemic index”…

…and you can ignore restrictive “rabbit diets” — the kind of diet you find on the American Diabetes Association website…

In fact, there’s one ADA guideline that can ruin your chance of ever reversing diabetes — I’ll tell you what it is and why you can safely ignore it!

Instead of all the hassle, you get my simple blueprint for lowering blood sugar: The Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

And as powerful as this is, there’s even more in Smart Blood Sugar.

You’ll also get extra “bonus material”…

You see, I’ve picked up a handful of “quick tricks” that shortcut the healing process and make it even easier… and I want you to have these shortcuts in your back pocket when you need them…

Shortcuts like…

How to eliminate sugar cravings — without will power.

It’s actually simple when you discover what drives a “sweet tooth” — it’s not something you’re born with. Sugar cravings come from specific “programming” in the brain, but I’ll show you the easy way to “Feed your brain”, so the cravings disappear.

You can still enjoy sugar, by the way — you just won’t be a slave to it. You will be in control.

In fact…

You Can Lower Blood Sugar While Eating Sugar!

It may sound too good to be true, but I’ll show you a 60-Second “Cheat trick” that forces your body’s cells — even if they’re “insulin resistant” — to instantly gobble up sugar from your blood stream… even when you indulge in that slice of chocolate cake. (Your lab results will still impress your doc — he’ll never know you “cheated.”)

Plus, you’ll see what you should have in your fridge at all times to keep hunger away…

    • The bite-sized snacks to keep in your pocket for an instant pick-me-up…Personal story: These tiny energizers kept me going when I pedaled my bike across the country. These treats worked like magic to give me long-lasting energy without a crash, unlike energy bars. If they could keep me pedaling for 20 miles a day, imagine what they’ll do for you. I now keep a few in my purse at all times.Plus more helpful “tricks”…

  • How to order at a restaurant like a normal person… Just by requesting THIS at the start of the meal. Then order whatever you want.
  • Do you crave cola? You’ll see the easy way to kick a soda habit, even if you currently guzzle it by the case. This sneaky trick will fool your taste buds so you don’t miss the cola…
  • How to enjoy healthy sweeteners: Most sweeteners spike your blood sugar and are toxic for your body (like aspartame). But it’s easy to pick the right kind when you shop — you just have to spot three specific letters on the label.
  • The Japanese “miracle noodles” that don’t raise blood sugar one iota. You’ll love their mild flavor and soft, chewy texture. Please your pasta cravings without spiking your blood sugar…

Plus, I’ll show you my 6 “Magic Bullets” for beating high blood sugar. These 6 natural herbs and nutrients boost insulin production, blunt sugar cravings, and block blood sugar spikes after meals.

(One of these, a Malaysian herb, works fast — within an hour after eating).

And one more thing — I’ve also included…

My “Heavy Artillery” For Lowering Blood Sugar!

These 2 blood sugar busters can reset your blood sugar switch in the shortest time possible.

I do have to warn you: these 2 “big guns” take a bit of effort, and they may not be for everyone. But if you choose to use them, they work like magic.

The first is the fastest way to reverse insulin resistance. What is it? A specific form of movement that vacuums up extra glucose in your blood stream.

But don’t worry — this isn’t the same old “exercise for 30 minutes a day” boring advice you may have heard. In fact, this takes just a few minutes.

(Forget wasting your mornings like those poor souls stuck on a treadmill — you’ll be done before they’ve even warmed up!)

And the second “Big Gun” is actually a secret found in Scripture.

This religious practice (which anyone can use, no matter your denomination) almost miraculously resets blood sugar. In fact, you can do this just once a month and enjoy lower blood sugar for days.

True story — I’ve even read of one doctor who does this faithfully every other day… and then on the other days, she eats whatever she wants… we’re talking all the McDonalds and candy bars she feels like — and she still remains healthy. She’s slim as a rail.

(Not that I’m recommending you do this, but it does show how effective this ancient technique can lower blood sugar and drop extra weight.)

Put all this together, and Smart Blood Sugar delivers everything you need to know to get your blood sugar under control… faster and easier than you thought possible — even if you feel like you’ve seen it all.


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