So I knew I had to persuade Dr. Scurtu
to share his wisdom with our community

Extracting practical wisdom from survival experts was, after all, our specialty.

But the good Dr. wasn’t interested. He liked his privacy. He didn’t like fame of any kind. And for sure he didn’t want any of the negative attention that tends to come with being any kind of survival expert.

It wasn’t about the money. The French healthcare system pays doctors handsomely. But I was determined to win this one-because I knew this wasn’t about our egos. There was much more at stake-the lives of thousands of Americans who would be left helpless in a medical crisis.

After a lot of cajoling and maybe a little bit of emotional blackmail, I succeeded. And boy oh boy did we deliver.

We interviewed the doctor for two weeks straight. What’s more…

… I was too paranoid to let the good doctor write it all by himself

Truth is, as much as I loved his expertise, I was afraid we will end up with a course written for other doctors. Too often, experts suffer from the “curse of knowledge”. They know the stuff so well, that they forget what it was like to not know. So they tend to give really complicated explanations that no one really understands.

But that was fine. I knew NOTHING about how to be your own doctor in a crisis. So I asked all the dumb questions (so you won’t have to). When I didn’t understand something, I asked the doc to rephrase it in plain English. And when we put it all together, it turned out to be the most practical course on medical preparedness you’ll ever find. We called it Survival MD-What to Do When There’s No Doctor

SurvivalMD product

“This book is a must-read for disaster preparedness. It is clearly written, easy to understand, and extremely informative. I highly recommend Survival MD!” – Zabian Crosby

“I think that everyone in the U.S. should have this manual. Could save your life!” – Mike Kirsch

Before I go on and explain what’s inside, I want to set the record straight.

Here’s what Survival MD is NOT:

First of all – This is NOT a medical tome. If you’re planning on becoming a doctor or a registered nurse, this is NOT for you. This is a practical, down to Earth, plain-English course on how a layman can “replace the doctor”-when there is no doctor available and you’re in a life and death situation.

Second of all – It’s NOT a book on how to treat yourself when you can easily go to your doctor. That would be plain stupid-and it would be irresponsible for me to suggest otherwise. If you’re looking for a way to stop going to the doctor when there’s nothing wrong with the healthcare system… it’s my duty to tell you that you might put your life in great danger.

Third (and frankly I don’t care if this hurts our sales)-this is one book I hope you will never need. Just like I hope you never have to shoot your gun in self defense-but it’s wise to protect yourself.


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